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Oh, I know this is late Drake but... YES! It is 'OK' for you to lead an event in your own guild! Silly Charr.....
So if we have no events planned for saturday, I would like to run a Crusade maybe? Would that be ok?
No promises Drake!!! We plan to feed you to Samerog.......
Hello Everyone, Tis I the Enslaved Brother Drake. I plan to return to the game in about a week or so. I am still doing 60hr weeks. But I miss playing with everyone. So when I do return break me in slow.
Happy happy!
Happy *Insert your holiday of choice here.*
Bleep. -rolls around as a ball of fluff-
I think we should have a new guild pic for the front page, what does everyone think?
Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is 50% off. Click here for less information [link]
-panics and flees with his paws flailing-
-releases squirrels throughout the shoutbox-
CANDY!! -dives in the bags of candy-
Go! Give thoughts on Material Storage!!! [link]
OMG! Thank you for the donations towards the website!
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Guild Event Schedule

Jodas Admin posted Apr 1, 15

!!!WE DID IT!!!

RPcd Raid took down VG last night!  This was our first Raid Boss kill as a Guild!!

Exellent Job Everyone!!!!


Chains of Duty [RPcd] Schedule!



Weekly Schedule is on Hold while we

form up a new schedule

and train new leaders for events.




Points of Contact

Guild Leaders: Shorok.9706 - Ropechef.6192

Monks: Dragonblade.6528 - Merrydew.4079 Vizaerios.1765


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