Joining our Ranks


In game we are always accepting new members, but we do have some criteria that has to be met. We are an Action Role Play Guild and we are in character 90% of the time. (Save for the common OOC break to talk about RL) We mean everything including exploring, dungeons, crafting, WvW, PvP, etc. Everything is an in character adventure!

Chains of Duty: Is a Chapter Sect of Shing Jea Monestary from GW1. No matter your race, gender, or morality, as long as you come to learn, do your part, and pay respects, we will train you, cloth you, feed you, and arm you. Doing this allows us to work with every nation. We also patrol and help each nation as part of our training, since we are an Open World ARP guild, a majority of our RP happens out in the world. Different styles of RP are encouraged in our guild! As long as you dont hurt any one and you show respect and courtesy where it is due. (However, if you like humor RP, I would encourage you to periodically jump OOC and tell every one you're just a goofy character, it helps) Players decide their own level of involvment in this guild, do what you can when you can. We do have an overall story, and we always have a story arch in place. However you have to decide if you want to take part in it!

Please note that trolling will not be tolerated, even if you de repp the guild and troll. *We will G kick you!* Standing up for some one is perfectly fine but do not Troll players and other RPers, not ever.

All members are invited to take part in this immersive environment. You, the interested character, are encouraged to attend events. You are expected to participate, talk, interact, and be generally social with the group! If you are feeling shy about jumping right into the group, try talking to a specific guild member during events, be it publicly or privately, they can help introduce you to the group, officer, or leader who will help with your entry into the group. By interacting with others, the group (or member) can begin to get a feel for your character. The leaders/officers will probably ask questions regarding what you would like to get out of the guild but don’t be alarmed. Additionally, we've updated the application process, if you can recieve 10 recomendations from active members of the Chapter you can get a G invite then and there. But this is rare. Be aware that you decide your own level of involvment, you put work into your RP you will get RP back. But if you choose to stand off to the side and refuse to instigate RP. Then you will be disappointed. We are here to help you but we can't read your mind.

To become a member is simple, if you are told ahead of time about this site you can just jump right in IC, and begin.

  • First: Speak with five (5) members of the chapter (You may use OOC RPcd tag so you know who to talk to. Also they must be 5 seperate players, not one player with 5 characters), give your characters name, ask for their character's name and ASK something about that Character, for instance, "Willow, tell me something about you?" Willow replies with. "I like the color pink”. Casual observations do not count. These conversations must be In-Character and in open Say Chat where everyone may see it. You may bluntly state IC that you are preforming the application to join. This tends to speed up the process.Yes, Agents, Monks, and Enslaved may be used in the application. But you have to follow the criteria, IE:

        Player A Walks up and introduces him/herself to Player B.

        "Hello, I am Billy, What is your name?" This is directed to Player B.

        "Hello Billy, I am Fel Leaf!" This is P.B. (Fel Leaf's) response to P.A.(Billy).

        Billy may now continue with:

        "Fel Leaf, I am preforming your Chapter's application; What is your favorite past


        Fel Leaf replies with:

        "Chasing butterflies! They are the scourge of the realm!" Fel Leaf replies.

        Billy makes a note.

        That would be ONE, you need 5 in total. This is just an example.

        If you are still confused, ask for an in-game demonstration.

  • Second: Preferably In-Character but can be done Out of Character, speak with any Agent, Monk, Or Enslaved and report what you have learned and ask to join the Order. (Note: This does not have to be done in any one event, nor inside any time frame, take your time and don't stress over it.) If neither are available by either busy trying to not die or offline you may Mail it in. Name: Info 5 members. With your character's name or screename if you have special lettering. MAIL is a last resort!

  • Third:After speaking with you and learning that you did indeed speak with five (5) The application is complete and you will be initiated into the Order. Here is an Example of what NOT to do: *What up mother Fu#$er give me your name!* All this will do is earn your character a broken jaw. Don't be like that. Additionally it also helps us to know if you know how to follow instructions. You would not believe how many people *Claim* to read this page and come back on line and ask for a G invite. So if you have read this page return with this phrase *Janga Trap* say this to us so we know you actualy read this. :P

  • Tip: When RPing in a large crowd, and trying to get some ones attention it helps to say their name at either the start or the end of the question, comment, etc. If you dont know their name yet IC. Example: [@so and so]"Whats your favorite food?" When people see their name, they tend to focus.

        "Whats your favorite food?" [[@Brother Drake]]

We have seen people do this in 5 minutes to over 6 months. It does take some effort but this is to weed out those who are not genuinely interested. We are not a click and invite guild. We are an Order questing to protect Tyria. If you want to join, but cant attend scheduled events at this time, contact Leadership so we can help set up a meet and greet.

Thank you for your interest in our guild and we hope to see you soon! Please reach out to us in game and ask to meet with Leadership!

Please be aware that by joining the website, you are not being invited to the guild. You have to reach out to us IN CHARACTER in the game in order to receive a guild invite.

Regarding your alts: They are all welcome to join the Order. We can do an in-character invite for each of them or you can simply say they all joined at the same time. Be aware that when you are representing the guild you are a member of the Order. Your name will be recognized by other members

Web Site Registration

On our website we have a 2 step registration process. You must register for access to the website as well as filling out the very brief form at the bottom of the page. This is simply to keep our website clean and spam free.

Please be aware that by joining the website, you are not being invited to the guild. You have to reach out to us in game in order to receive a guild invite.


We do not have a policy regarding how much you should be representing RPcd. We understand that you may belong to other guilds for a variety of reasons and we feel that having such a policy is too restrictive.

While representing RPcd we do expect our members to follow the values of the Chapter:

Trust, Respect,

Courtesy, Integrity First,

Service before Self,

Excellency in Everything We Do

You should take pride in the tag and treat it with respect. Be aware that if you are representing the guild, you are considered in character. The tag RPcd means you’re an open world role player. When you are representing RPcd, you are representing all of us. Do not make us look bad!

Code of Conduct

~ We accept Romantic-RP and the concept that romance can help build/create a stronger character but please do not bring a graphic or disruptive idea into the chat. We accept players of any age and wish this to be a safe atmosphere for everyone. What you do in your spare time is your business but within the guild please refrain from this in G chat.

~ We appreciate all the creativity that goes into creating a character and do not wish to control your creative process. However, if you are thinking of creating a character that is offensive understand this: If your character is offensive expect the Enslaved [Guild Master/Leader] to break every RP bone in your character's body until they learn some manners. Everyone has the right to have fun within the game. In-character disputes can be fun and even help your character grow, but being mean or rude for no reason will not be tolerated (To help ensure there is no confusion, you may want to place in brackets before hand that your character is about to be a jerk or shoot a whisper to your fellow role player reminding them that it is in character).

~ Even though GW2 is an MMO-RPG, you will happen upon people who will be disrespectful to you. This could be for a variety of reasons but most of these issues lay with that person. As a representative of RPcd and also the role playing community, please refrain from fighting with these people. There are no winners if the community fights among itself. Feel free to ignore them, block them, report them if they are harassing you, leave the area they are occupying, etc but please don't feed the trolls.

~ If you are having an issue with another member of the guild please try to solve your differences between each other first, if that doesn't work please seek out help from the Officers or Guild leaders. 

Please evaluate: is the problem In Character or Out of Character?

Take screen shots!

Just because a character is being a jerk, does not mean the player is a jerk. They may just need a friendly reminder that we are all friends here. 

Once again, everyone has the right to have fun here. The Guild Leaders and Officers are here to make sure that you are enjoying your time within RPcd. Most issues can be dealt with in a constructive and quick process, so do not hesitate to reach out.

Points of Contact

Guild Leaders:






In Character Officers: